Monday, August 9, 2010

If life were a mathematical function it would be exponential

Let me give you a simple example, did you know that if you don't pay it off your credit card's balance, it can double in two years, quadruple in four years and can grow to 32 times in 10 years. The same thing applies to life every little choice that you make in life will be magnified a number of times, but there is no need to be scared because making a choice is always better than making no choice at all. Every choice in life is a new experience and more often than not will help you grow as a person.

If only I taken that tennis lesson when I was 9, I might have liked it and continued playing and would have been much much more fitter at 14 and probably would have played soccor in high school and who knows where that would have taken me. If I had taken a dance lesson at 15 maybe I would have become a dancing sensation by now. But this doesn't mean if you are grown up now its too late for you, if you put in the effort now your results are going to grow exponentially even now.

Like any other exponential curve life goes in a straight line for a while without much of an improvement but once it crosses the "exponential barrier" it shoots up and even a little bit of effort takes you a long way. My advice - there is an old saying in Hindi "karm karo phal ki ichcha mat karo" which means don't run after Success in life, do what you have to do and Success will come right to your door step. Don't give up; hang in there long enough and once you cross the exponential barrier you will start seeing results and your efforts will take you a long way.

- Anand

If you like doing something and you keep doing it, whatever it is, even if it is hard in the beginning will become much easier after a while. - Anand Badidey (August 2010)