Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Small things in life

Unexpectedly today at work a bunch of restaurants had setup shop in our cafeteria in the afternoon and were distributing free food and snacks. These kind of things seem to happen regularly in Salt Lake City, restaurants want to promote themselves and what better place to get more customers than at a crowded office work place full of people trying to avoid work for any reason possible, and also slightly hungry since it has been a while since they made the last attempt to avoid work which they decided to call Lunch.

On this occasion though we also had a desi restaurant "The Himalayan Kitchen" participating and all of us got treated to some tasty Samosas replete with both sweet and hot chutney. It had been a while since I got to eat Samosas during break time at work, the last time was a couple of years back when I was working in India and it made me quite unexpectedly happy. A simple thing like eating a samosa which I can drive down and get at any time has the potential to make you happy is an unbelievable concept if grasped correctly. I left the stall smiling and also cracked a few PJs asking the waiters to come back again soon like I was sending off a house guest and also to get some tea to go with the samosas next time to add Icing on the cake.

Funny how its the small-2 things that make us happy but it is always the large and extra large things which we end up running after that disappoint us. So followers, readers and well wishers while you are busy running after your dreams and ambitions in life please use this as a reminder to stop and take a moment to enjoy the small things in life which actually make you happy, trust me this one moment of joy will take you a long way....

- Anand

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking a mile in another man's shoes... really hard. To prove this point I undertook a practical experiment. I rented a pair of skis and tried walking about ten foot steps in them and to make a long story short lets just say I almost succeeded. Its not easy to walk to another man's skis which you have rented, trust me on this one. By the way did you notice that this old native American saying is sexist, it has the word man in it as if it doesn't apply to the fairer sex. I think this is a perfectly acceptable hypothesis since the fairer sex these days seem to find it hard to walk ten steps in their own shoes. This just proves that I can go to any lengths just to brag that I went skiing again, even start a philosophical battle of the sexes, and BTW if you need someone to combine skiing of all things with philosophy you know who to talk to.

Picture : Anand
Title: Moon Walker
Location: Park City Ski slope

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Michelangelo in me

I seemed to have missed an entire month, was busy obeying the blind urge like our friend Henry Miller advices at the bottom of this blog, by which I mean I was busy learning how to ski which you would have already figured out from the picture. I had gone to this ski slope in Park City with a couple of friends and suddenly one of my friends slipped and fell. I turned around and the artist in me immediately spotted this Michelangelo moment and out came my iPhone immediately to capture this pic. The location for the adhoc shoot was surreal. Btw progress in life does come by following the blind urge, I learnt how to ski a little.

Picture : Anand
Location: Park City ski slope
Editing: None

Whatever there be of progress in life comes not through adaptation but through daring, through obeying the blind urge. - Henry Miller