Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Animals in your Closet

No this is not a sequel to Narnia as the title seems to imply, but the sign on a billboard about half a block away from my home. When I first saw it I had to do a double take, I couldn't believe anyone could be this insensitive; but what this billboard actually shows us is that there are vast cultural differences in the land of opportunities. Less than eight hundred miles away the State of California is one of the Greenest places in the world* and here in the "real" America awareness is so low that no one seems to even notice this billboard which in some countries would be considered inhumane.

Source: Billboard on Highland Drive, Salt Lake City.
Picture: Anand

Signing off

* from an awareness perspective

Friday, February 12, 2010

STanding TaLL

Pic: Anand
Subject: My Shadow
Location: Somewhere on the way to Vegas...

This is a wake up call for all ye non believers out there, I would like to emphasize this point by putting this in quotes "There is only way way to live life and no other - STand TaLL.". Live by this philisophy with courage, integrity and all other such good values and I assure you, you will not be dissappointed & remember no matter where you are and what you do in life a part of you is going to be standing tall at the end of the day - your faithful shadow.

Live long and prosper

Saturday, February 6, 2010

True to Tradition

Photo: Anand
Subject: Ikea bedside lamp captured at 2 AM while watching the Daily Show on

A spurt of creativity burst out of me as well and resulted in a few enigmatic photos, this one being one of the best. One more lamp added to the already extensive collection from all over the world..

For all you insomniacs out there this is a wake up call, it is not worth it to stay up a night for any reason (like the browsing that you are doing currently) other than activities which are generally done at night if you are catching my drift *wink* This is an untested theory but I have heard that staring at this lamp for a few seconds is guaranteed to make you drop asleep and if that doesn't work I would suggest that you exercise your will power and hit the sack. Some rest will make this photo a lot less appealing.

Whatever there be of progress in life comes not through adaptation but through daring, through obeying the blind urge. - Henry Miller


Don't want to tarnish this picture with my words..