Friday, June 5, 2009

A lover's S.O.S

Have I seen the last of you
Or should I bank on fate
To make you appear before me
Before 'tis too late.

For the ghosts are too many now,
Too many echoes of, words unsaid,
And this heavy soul, sweetheart,
Is tired of being afraid.

This time let me say it all.
This time let me make it up to you.
My vacuous pride wont come in way
Of the apologies that I owe you.

Alcohol is running in my veins,
Smoke has pervaded all the way
Into this wretched heart of mine,
Which lies in various stages of decay.

Come to me and stem this rot
This time we would set things right
Come my Dawn, bring me to life,
And rescue me from this long dark night.

Chintan Vinod Shinde

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