Sunday, June 28, 2009

Archaelogy of my right brain

About the picture: My friend Varun Reddy has given me some amazing photographs and therefore contributed massively to the R&I inventory। Below is one such photograph. The monument is in Lucknow, some place near the Imam Bara I guess (got to confirm though!). GIMP 2 has a wonderful tool to seamlessly tile and merge a given pic or area. That saves of lot of working with the layers. I used a lot of color and curves editing and a li'l bit of clonestamp tool too.
Courtesy: Varun Reddy

Talking of Varun and Lucknow, there is another friend of mine Varun Jethwani, who as I write this post, is happily getting enganged in Lucknow. All the best buddy. Sorry could not turn up for the event.

When Heavens fall apart, stick to your conscience