Saturday, September 27, 2008

Eclipse by the sea shore

KINDLY VIEW IT IN THE NIGHT WITH THE LIGHTS OFF. Nothing spooky just that the shades wont be visible in the day time. The colors of night are hard to reproduce. I once tried that in a kids painting competition. All I could manage was to turn the entire white paper into patches of different intensities of black. It looked awful. Photoshop makes life so simple :).

Can there be a lunar eclipse around the horizon? I wanted to see a lunar eclipse at the horizon. So I made it happen ;).


  1. capturing the stars here... dun know abt photoshop.... but check out the real thing....somewhere away from the metropolis... where the sky is as dark as ink... it will the most beautiful thing u would have evr seen...

  2. i agree... nothing like it... hv seen the skies above countryside and even the himalayas... it is a beautiful feeling