Saturday, September 27, 2008

The chaos within

This one should go with the introspection theme.
I have tried to paint the woman's mind in the background. A stark contrast to the poise and composure held by the woman. We are such great actors. We so often paint a lucid picture of our lives in front of even our closest friends. To such an extent that there are no friends only acquaintances of varying degrees.

Be transparent. Be Known!


  1. tryin to paint a womans mind huh??? ohh... its a whole kaleidoscope of emotions.... i dun think any man will ever be able capture thm all....

    leavin all dat aside... evryone has a certain part hidden away at the back of their minds...the ones we call friends...are they really friends? can anyone risk being truthful about what goes on in the mind?

    its so much jus pretend...helps to keep some sanity in this crazy crazy world..

  2. well the woman was just a coincidence... cud very well have been a guy.. it would have been foolish of me to even think about interpreting all or any of the emotions in a woman's mind... i just tried to paint the kaleidoscope not decipher it.