Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some random post

A lot has happened since I last blogged. India won an Olympic gold. Bindra became "Goldfinger", "Goldmember", "Man with the golden arm" or something like that depending upon which newspaper you read. By the same logic Phelps should have been christened Uncle Scrooge or even "Goldfish". Now my friends would have one more GD point to boast in favor of the enormous development this country has achieved.
Look we have now also won the gold medal. We are indeed the next superpower. No its not only the gold medal we have also won the T20 world cup. Can't you see the number of malls that have opened?

Meanwhile Ahmedabad got bombed.
Surat went phoos.
Georgia played host
To the mighty Rus.
Kashmir burns
While we say good bye to Mush.
Peshawar got bombed today
Yet Goody is the Breaking News!

For those who are clueless about my whereabouts, I am in Hyderabad.