Monday, May 19, 2008

The free human Spirit

I had asked myself what freedom really is. I was seeking answers. I now realise that I am really close to the answer. It is the ability to truly admire own spirit. No matter what people see you as, it is you who really know who you are. You know where you have disappointed yourself and where you have triumphed. When you with your full senses and your own scales of right and wrong realise that you can respect yourself for what you have been, You are free.
This respect comes from knowledge that you have been roughed up in every means possible and your conscience and beliefs are intact. It comes from the desire to continue your drive towards excellence without bothering about how foolish you or your acts may seem to the outside world. It comes from the belief that the future may not hold any demons that your free spirit may not match up to.

Random unedited thoughts. Yes the freedom theme continues. Sorry for the aberrant rants of frustration in between. The blog is meant only for poetry, philosophy and colours.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The good bye

I may return to IIM Lucknow for one last time sometime in June. I have had great realtionships in Hell. The trees, the rain, the roads, the setting sun, the basketball court (where I never visited in the public eye) and, yes, the Lamp posts! All of my faithful buddies. Not that I dint have any real realtionships, but real relationships seldom result in poetry!
My good bye to these companions has turned to be a rather abrupt one. However, I wish to associate some romanticism with landmarks and paraphernalia from HELL, when I return to it for bidding a final adieu.
Thanks for everything.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

So marooned yet so free.

The photograph resembles most situations in life. We are all stranded like these birds; surrounded by deep waters from all sides. We all go through times when there is no hope in sight, no ray of light, no fucking semblance of getting it right. And yet somehow we wobble and hobble, dabble and paddle till the time the realisation dawns we have wings in the form of hope and faith, brain and heart. The joy is not from the flight but from the discovery of our mental limbs and the path towards finding them.
The Original photograph was taken from one of Vikas's albums from his trip to the Niagara Falls.