Monday, January 21, 2008

How education saved me

Back in the days,
Of crayons and leisure
Whenever it rained
I got drenched with pleasure.
Pebbles and shells
Were still things to treasure.
How stupid I wonder,
I must have been back then
I was my hero,
Not great wise men.

The older I grew,
The wiser I got,
With every passing day
I sharpened my craft.
Got rid of my “vices”-
Had a reputation to guard!
I must thank education
For it made me smart.
Else I would have died
A dreamer, a painter or a bard.

Chintan Vinod Shinde


  1. Hey dude! Jsut bumped in here from from one of em orkut links. Some eminently readable stuff in here.

    Will keep a lookout for more em posts.

    Jeep writing.

  2. we do need some education.....
    reports exams and prepration....
    yes we do ... to be that brick in the wall.... hahaha
    sahi bola bhai had it not been for this blessed education system more of leonardos and tagores and other such imbicles who dare to think.... i dont understand why do people need to think and introduce entropy in this beautifully stable matrix which great men have spent their lifes weaving..... 1+1=2 that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know this should have been frosts line .... and the title should have benn "work or burn" instead of "the grecian urn"..... keep up the good work