Sunday, July 15, 2007


The same evening after the rains, I was looking out of my hostel verandah . Saw this Lamp. It was lovely. Didnt mean much to me. Though, I must admit, lamps have always been a fascination which Anand and I shared from the Icfaitech days. On the way of our after dinner walk, there was a lamp just above a broken structure of brick that might have been a store room at some point I guess . Every photographer would have lusted for this sight.

And I know we had captured that snap. I had it before I gave the photographs to Pushkar for scanning and uploading. Apparently Pushkar is extremely busy with his exciting and engrossing life. So he did not get any time to upload the snaps in the one year that went by. Or may be there are no scanners in the shanty-town that Bangalore is. :-)

The photograph is in its purest form. It has been taken from a 4.0 magapixel digicam which Motin my neighbour owns. And I am not a photographer by any means.

By the end of the previous line, I had realized I had just achieved a record of a kind. My longest post on this blog.

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